Saturday, April 02, 2005

Early to bed, early to rise...

Ran in. Had to be at meeting for 8am, which required getting my sorry corpse out of bed at 6am, burning a bagel and then setting out at 6.34, into the mists, feeling deathly. Time: well, not sure, because my mother's HRM took a while to fire up, but a bit over 1.08 - let's say 1.10.

Very painful, very slow, but still more than 15 minutes faster than I used to be - so there's a real improvement. If it's actually 9 miles to work, then I'm ahead of pace. If not, I'm not. (Any ideas? I think it's about 8, but the second half is off-road - should that count for 25% more or not?)

Yesterday, cleaned. This took about 2 hours. Everything on the list, except the toilet, which I'm saving for Scott...


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