Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eating out in London

OK, so I've been working in Soho Square for almost 8 months now, and I've had Thai, burgers, pizza, more burgers, sandwiches upon sandwiches, salad, yada yada yada. And now I'm bored. But I'm wondering if this is a garlicky step too far: Garlic & Shots; I mean, hey, I like garlic, and I like shots of vodka. And I couldn't care less about the stench it will provide the people in my office when I roll back in after lunch. But there's not much for a vegetarian to eat there, and I can't do it on a Tuesday or a Thursday, because that's shorinji kempo night and the one thing I learnt a few years ago is that it's disgusting to sweat hard when the perspiration pumping through your pores is laced with garlic. So will investigate at the end of this week...


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