Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (4): Pret A Manger, Frith Street

In a hurry today because of a morning spent dallying in Croydon (Gateway to the South) so no time for dirty burger. This makes a boy sad. Plus, the lunchtime queues in the sandwich shops on Dean Street made getting anything and getting back to my desk for a 2pm call quite impractical.
So for a second day, I'm eating felafel. This time from Pret: a spicy falafel melt.
Surprisingly, this is a lot better than yesterday's offering: much dirtier. There's some sort of spicy tomato sauce in there that's almost curry like in flavour, and the whole thing's warm rather than cold. OK, the wrap itself is a little brittle (probably been sitting there for quite some time, nicely hardening up) but that combination of chickpea, cheese and spicy filth means it's an acceptable hardship.
£3.50. Reestablished some faith in Pret to produce food with a bit of flavour (vs the green goo they call an avocado wrap, the over-refridgerated brie baguette, etc etc...)


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