Friday, September 07, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (10): Hamburger Union, Dean Street

Just not very good. Bun is dry, vegetable sausage is lacking in flavour, chips are ok. Hamburger Union used to be good about a year to 18 months ago, but it seems to have lost the plot recently. The mushroom burger has got replaced with a disc of vegetarian sausage (a vegetable sausage makes scant sense at the best of times, but a slice of the stuff in a bun? what are you thinking?) and the sauce is lacking in flavour. Bun is a bit dry. Chips are about the only redeeming feature, and even then they're not great (although to be fair, I'm comparing against Cafe Provencal in Herne Hill, and the gastronomic delight of a garlic potato chunk dipped in Colman's mustard.
So anyway, £7.20 for burger and chips. Not especially dirty, so really not dirty enough.


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