Monday, September 10, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (12): Vital Ingredient, Berwick Street

Time was, when salad was something you got with 'shome shauce?' from your friendly kebab van, at 2 in the morning after you'd left some god-awful club. But we all grow up and stop being students eventually. And after years of fat-filled sandwiches, we feel guilty enough to eat a salad for lunch instead. Never mind real men don't eat quiche - just vegetables? It seems insane.
Get over that, and you're half the way to losing your self. But never mind such existential worries. Vital Ingredient is based around the innovative concept of choosing what you want in your salad. Since obviously nobody had ever thought of asking for what they want before. Then it gets tossed on the production line by one of the salad drones, and handed back to you in a plastic tub.
So I've got pasta, peas, olives, cucumber, tomato, and (in place of sundried tomatoes) 'sunblush' tomatoes - is it a brand? Is it just embarrassed by the sun? Who knows? Anyway, it's quite clean, rather than the filth I've been knocking back for the last week, so at least my poor body will thank me for eschewing burgers and such this week. At least until dinnertime...


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