Monday, February 18, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (106): Cafe Veneziana, Frith Street

Way down south beyond Old Compton Street, there's a maroon coloured cafe with a boombox parked on top of the drinks fridge, pumping out awful house music - is that to attract the clientele from G-A-Y? Surely not at midday on a Monday - there must be some time that's too early for that. Or possibly too late for the Sunday stragglers.
Upside down, boy you're spinning me
Anyways, got a portobello mushroom stack in ciabatta for the thoroughly reasonable price of 3.50. The combination of brie and livid orange peppers is a bit much. Now feel rather bloated, and that's before I chow down on a piece of shortbread. Adequate, then, apart from the soundtrack.


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