Saturday, January 03, 2009

Recovering from the horror

It's a sign that something is up when the suggestion to go to Wan Chai to carry on drinking is the sensible option; didn't mean to go drinking last night. Well, meant to have a quiet pint with Macau Beth, see the comedy and then head home. Made the mistake of going to Bhatti, having a pint of fizzy Budvar, then having another pint, and then two more, and then being tricked into heading down to LKF to Beirut. Awful. Ended up gabbling away to a very tall man who insisted on buying me shots of tequila and smoking a hookah, and then for complicated reasons I went off and got a girl from Cardiff to slap me in the face in return for ten dollars from the tall man, who then foisted Jagermeister and more tequila upon us. Poor Cardiff girl. If that wasn't bad enough, spent ten minutes calling a personable chap called Luke Dave. Then went home.
Woke up today, broken, breathing licorice fumes from the hookah all over the place. Tidied up the gaff (swept up the hair, which seems to be growing independently all over the flat - could I be moulting that much?), arsed about a bit more, watched Tony Law's DVD - laughed like a drain, which is surprising, because usually I don't laugh on my own. Maybe still drunk. Finally forced myself to go out to HV (shambolic - I got all the way to the track and then remembered I'd left my Garmin behind and had to go back to the flat to fetch it_ and go for a run, during which I thought of this:
"I met the girl of my dreams last night - unfortunately, I'd been eating a lot of cheese" - weak, or unoriginal? And it needs to end with something worse, surely?
However, the run sorted me out - gradually recovered from feeling filthy and ended on a high - charged the last k in 4:18 (hooray for moody hip hop to drive you onward). Will probably suffer tomorrow, but no further shin troubles, so I think (hope) it wasn't the shoes, just the fatigue from the plane journey...
Aside from that, got my computer back from Sean Coleman last night. Fan still doesn't spin round, despite the nifty software that Sean gave me to fix it. Naughty Hewlett Packard! But never mind, I've got my computer back, which means I can upload my photo of the week - jet lag inspired architectural shot of clashing window illumination:
Click for biggerer


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