Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm not going mad, but ...

My computer is swearing at me.

Or more prosaically, every time I refresh a certain bit of data, something wierd happens with the formatting and the words 'Current Period' lose three letters for five minutes, and I wonder whether this is intentional or not.

Or perhaps my computer really is swearing at me.

A strange day - I got out of bed, feeling slightly seasick. (Because it's a second hand Ikea bedframe, and because I got it on the cheap, and I didn't transport it properly out of my friend's apartment, and because the metal struts that are meant to tension it got all bent out of shape in the move, and because I never assembled it properly, it's not particularly sturdy. Every time you climb onto it, or move, or breathe, the whole thing lurches two or three inches backwards or forwards. That's why I woke up feeling nauseous. It was nothing to do with the five gin and tonics that I drank last night.) I wandered around the flat, having strange flashbacks to incredibly boring things that I did last night after I'd got home, like eating a cheese sandwich.

(It wasn't a particularly boring cheese sandwich, but as sudden realisations of drunken events go, it's not on a par with realising that you ran naked through a crowded room of your colleagues or went home with a TV set designer who had filled their flat with giant wooden angel wings.)

Anyway, today I have to battle through a minor hangover. I just feel a bit dulled by life, and have a sore eye, rather than the more typical The World Is At An End that a single drink has provoked recently - which seems to suggest that it may be the fault of Cheap Booze, rather than my liver expiring early. After the hangover is defeated, I will be explaining to around fifty people, to whom English is in most cases not their first language, over a not-particularly-wonderful telephone conference, the significance of the oh-so-pretty graph I was crowing about two days ago. I wonder how this will go.


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