Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flapping around

Today started early, as all days do. I achieved consciousness after about eight hours, and found myself talking to a man about databases. Awesome stuff, questions about clustering indexes and truncate statements that made me want to pause and say "look here, my good man, I am well aware of the why's and wherefores of relational databases and what not, how about we stop wasting our time and talk instead about ships and kings, of sealing wax and string?"

But I didn't. I learned a new thing about truncation of tables that I did not know before: as well as being the brave man's delete statement, they reset the counter on any autonumbering fields in the truncated table. And that's why I'm such a success with the ladies.

I spent all day doing hard work - well, hard in terms of pulling data out, checking it, pulling it out again, checking it, putting it back in, swearing. But it felt good for a change because it was making impact on something that I had to make a decision about, and I've been divorced so long from having to make decisions to stand by, that I'd lost some confidence in having to do it.

And then I spent half an hour having a man demonstrate a tool to me, when he could have just as easily said "press the big button with 'PRESS ME' on it.". That rather took the shine off.

Then I skipped gaily off to a dim sum rehearsal, and then home to write more emails and prep for another round of phone calls tomorrow morning. I dream of a good night's sleep. If that sentence fails to make sense, then blame sleep deprivation. Nighty night!


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