Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unexpected pain

My beard needs a trim. I know this because every time I take a swig from this can of tepid Carlsberg, a few of the hairs from my moustache get trapped in the top of the can and are torn out.

It's aversion therapy for hairy alcoholics.
Unfortunately, the barbers at the Mandarin Oriental aren't returning my calls, so my hoped for trim hasn't occurred today. At least this is consistent with the rest of my achievements today (slim to nothing).

Well, I did try to do something. Apart from watching five episodes of Time Gentlemen, Please.

That something was to go and waste time in the Wan Chai Computer Centre. I wandered around, asking different people for the price of a Canon 550D. Half an hour of talking removed 350 dollars from the first price. Then again, not buying one at all meant I saved at least 5850. So I'm well ahead at the moment.

I did want to buy something, so later on I spent 145 on a lens hood for my lens, a fairly meaningless thing to buy. If only I could have purchased some sticky tape for my next project instead. Ah well. Best to space these expensive purchases further apart, lest I stress my heart too much. I don't think I'd be able to cope with the excitement.


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