Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I had a dull, nagging headache, despite going to bed early the
night before. What am I saying? I stayed up late again last night, and
reaped the consequences when I had to drag myself upright at 6:30 and
head to the office for an early morning call.

An early morning call that got cancelled, naturally. Still, at least
that gave me a spare half hour to watch my computer doing nothing.
Well, it said it was running start-up scripts, but it was like it was
doing a reading of Hamlet. Very slowly.

I broke my Starbucks resolution after planning not to go there all
month, and had another 'delicious' mushroom pocket. I've mentioned
these culinary masterpieces before, so I won't rehash old details,
I'll just say it was everything it always was. Blech.

Still, the evening was fun; spent it floating around the harbour on a
junk - my first night junk in almost two years, and the whole thing
was a sedate affair. As sedate as it gets when you have an electronic
game of Catchphrase and you find yourself making filthy jokes, but I
felt proud that I managed to guess 'Frank Lloyd Wright' as the answer
twice. The second time I was actually correct, which should count for
double points. It made up for me responding to a clue of "what you do
when you masturbate" with "cry", but we'll leave that for another

After innumerable circuits of the harbour, leaving us with the nagging
question of why David Beckham is having his face projected on the side
of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, it reached 11 o'clock and time to
vanish down the rabbithole.

Strange how this rabbithole was full of taxis. I guess that's the
peril of living in an urban environment. At least it gets you home

Tomorrow I'd really like to write a list. I'm not sure what of yet.
Life's full of surprises...


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