Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Egg-related silliness

Apparently egg-based humour works a bit differently in Sweden, partly because the terminology for egg-based cuisine is different, with the possibly interesting corollary that in Stockholm you don't say 'cheese' when your photo is taken, you say 'omelette' (or the local equivalent). This may have consequences for the international roll-out of I'm Like An Egg.

Other Twitter news: having found a perl instantiation of Eliza, and another way of communicating with Twitter from the command line, and with my Grand Fake Language Project rumbling on, I'll shortly be releasing two bots into the wild: Gobshite, who'll be rude about everything you say, and NiceGuyFreddy, who'll give you nothing but compliments. I might even get them to talk to one another if they get lonely...


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