Saturday, August 07, 2010

Comedy, rainfall

There was a small audience at the comedy club tonight - maybe twenty or so - but they were a pretty cheery lot; you had to work for a laugh, but they did at least laugh. It's always nice to be able to tell a bunch of Singaporeans that as far as you're concerned, they're still British. And not then get beaten with a rattan stick.

There was also a Japanese guy in the front row, so I got to wheel out my old Japanese material, and a Welshman who generated laughs just by being Welsh (or from West England - thank you for that bon mot, Richard Herring). Never let it be said that I just go for the easy laughs.

Halfway through the show came a peal of thunder - was God angry with the proceedings? At the conclusion of the night, the rain was hammering down and I felt dreadful, so instead of getting lairy on free comedians' beers in Central, I took the train home. I've got to get up and throw myself down a hill tomorrow, and need to be in the best of health to do so.


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