Friday, August 27, 2010

Marketing for cities

An acquaintance suggests the slogan:
You'd be bonkers to not stop off in Honkers
to encourage more people to have a night in Hong Kong on the way to Australia/London/wherever.  Obviously, this is good because it rhymes, and it suggests mental health issues - the two cornerstones of a successful advertising program.  Can we generalise this?
Depression: You'll be incredibly sad if you don't visit Baghdad
Tendency to domestic violence: You won't want to thump her, if you go to Kuala Lumpur
Poor self image: No self-worth? Not if you've been to Perth!
Anomie: If there's nothing about which you give a shit, don't bother coming to Split
Onanism: Visit Ulan Bator unless you're an obsessive masturbator

Any suggestions sincerely welcomed.  Apologies in advance for mispronouncing any of your cities for the sake of a cheap joke.


Anonymous said...

Geriatric - Looking for peace to decease? You'll find it in Nice.

Mr Cushtie said...


I'm wondering if I should put down "Come to Venezuela - you'd be Caracas not to - ah!" or if that is forcing the rhyme scheme a bit further than necessary

Anonymous said...

Push that envelope, Sir. Surely modern rhyme is like modern art; it is not necessary that it bear any resemblance to the noun which denotes it...

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