Monday, October 04, 2010


After watching Resident Evil: Undignified yesterday, I needed some sort of palate cleanser, so I watched The Losers and then Quantum of Solace. And then found I'd watched too many films and couldn't go to sleep until about 2am.

The Losers was a bit of a surprise. It's basically The Expendables, but less embarassing and with a non-token woman. The first ten minutes were pretty terrible (generic special forces blah-de-blah-de-blah) but suddenly the film pulled itself together and put the right foot down hard on the ludicrous pedal. Zoe Saldana (fresh from playing a Smurf in Avatar) was the non-token lady (who's handy with a gun) and most of the rest of the cast were B/C list actors rather than a bunch of washed-up 80's action types. Hence, perhaps, less Enormous Egos.

There were also slightly fewer faceless goons being mown down by superior firepower (well, slightly fewer), and Idris Elba from The Wire (or is that Idris Elba from 'Ackney?), and a shipping container that contained four McGuffins and a Ducati motorbike. The only purpose of said Ducati was to allow somebody to then ride a motorcycle to the next big action scene, but the whole thing was a lot less clumsy and more endearing than Stallone's effort. Plus it was mostly shot in Glamourous Sunny Places rather than The Isle Of Brown Gloom, which made it easier to watch.

Quantum of Solace is better the second time round too, even though it feels a bit embarrassing when Bond drinks eighteen measures of Strong Liquor on the way to Bolivia. Where The Losers started. I guess I had a Bolivia theme night going on.

I had failed to buy our cat a bowler hat though, so she felt left out and made her feelings known by knocking the enormous painting of my face off the shelf. I only suffered slight bruising, as I'm sure you'll be happy to hear, and have now been restored to my position of majesty, peering down over the bedroom.

Today: zombified. And in the traditional, staggering very slowly way, rather than the fashionable new running-around-and-screaming way. Neither form of zombie was ever that good at spreadsheets.

I think vampires might be good at office productivity software though.

Just a thought.


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