Monday, April 04, 2011

Progress on Resolutions, second report

Last time I checked my list of resolutions was at the end of January, and I've been remiss in not attending to that list more closely. So as I missed both the February and March deadlines, I'll just do a quick check through where we are, a tiny bit over a third of the way through the year:

Carry on writing - going according to plan. Apart from some gloominess in early March, which looks particularly wimpy given the events in Japan the week after, I've been quite happy with my output so far this year.
Get married - still on track. Need to ensure the cake, the invitations and the flowers are in place, but currently no impending disasters on that front.
Read all the books and watch all the DVDs - doing ok. We've whittled down the pile of DVDs we have to watch, even though that did require sitting through Ninja Assassin. Of the slew we got at Christmas, I think there's only The Secret In Their Eyes and 6 more Hitchcock to get through. I have been a little bit bad - I couldn't resist the lure of fresh comedy in the shape of Death of a Badger, and Kevin Eldon Is Titting About, and John Shuttleworth, and I bought two books, neither of which was quite what I'd hoped for, and therefore not worth the guilt and shame I felt. Plus there's still a gloomy Scandinavian crime novel or two on the shelf looking at me, so we're not done on this one yet.
Keep the apartment tidy - a loud guffaw on this one. There's currently a bike upside down in the bedroom, there's a mound of shoes in the living room and the kitchen isn't exactly an example of spartan minimalism. It's been very, very tidy every Friday afternoon though - one out of seven ain't bad, surely?
Run some races, keep below 12 stone. Doing well at keeping my weight down, haven't entered a single race yet.  However, I've ridden my bike twice this year, which is almost as much as I did over the whole of last year.  And there's still time to enter the Osaka Marathon (depending on whether they get back to me or not.)
Redraft The Great Old Game. I started rereading it.  That's a start, isn't it?
Learn to dance. Er... this is where I shuffle my feet and look guilty.  Appropriately enough, I suppose.  Although if I could shuffle my feet better, I wouldn't need to learn, would I?
Learn to speak Spanish. Que? Will try to start that this month.  Although to be realistic, will have to start next month, given all the travelling I've got going on in April.
Stay in touch better with everyone I care about. Have written three letters this year. Which is just about one a month, but I should up the frequency a bit.  Maybe if I could cut down the time wasted sitting on the sofa staring into space or playing on the Xbox, there'd be a bit more opportunity.
Take a photograph every day. Not so good. The best streak I had was eleven days going into the start of February - since then, quite slack. My set of cliches is helping, but it still isn't making me do one every day.
Finish things properly. Well, the Automatic Comedian is pretty much done now (and I'm going to commemorate that with one proper post later today).  Other things - still a bit slack, and that slack needs taking up in the remaining eight months of this year.

I guess that's two that are on track, five that are well behind or in tatters, and four that are sort of ok but need a polish.  I hope when we get to the end of April, the ratios are looking a bit better.


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