Monday, July 25, 2011

Chilling in Nova Scotia

After years in Hong Kong, where there are extremes of temperature depending on whether you're indoors or not, yet the weather is basically the same year-round (hot hot hot with a side of humidity), it was strange to wander around Halifax in summer. Here it's hot when you're in the sun, and not hot when you're not in the sun. This was difficult to adjust to; after ten minutes stood on a ferry, going blind from the sunlight reflecting from the sea, the sky, and every glass building on Halifax's downtown, we had to shamble around the town for a couple of hours to recover, stopping only to eat ice-cream/try on dresses/order coffee/waste time in running shoe shops asking idiotic questions about footwear.

We ended up at a bar in a hotel, drinking the 'local equivalent to Guinness'. Which is fair enough, as Guinness is a fizzy black drink that is best served below room temperature, without any head.


I'll not say any more about that, in case Canadians get in a rage at me.

Anyway, after a couple of hours of walking around and not doing anything, jet lag was beginning to kick in, and wanting to show that valour was mainly made up of discretion, we got a taxi home and then did nothing for a few hours, before drinking pisco (a very dangerous Chilean drink) for the evening, until I began to shake from the cold, or had an onset of the DTs. Either way, I can hardly see to type so it's probably best that I get to sleep. Which is a shame, as I really wanted to say things about the placidity and helpfulness of Canadian shop assistants, but I suppose that will have to wait until tomorrow now.


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