Monday, July 04, 2011

FItted up

This evening we went to the Yuen Brothers' tailor shop in Central, a tiny shop in a strange passageway, where the other shops are a philatelist's, a wedding photographer and a Seven-Eleven. It's been several weeks since they measured me for my suit/mocked the deformity of my body but when I went in, the suit wasn't even finished - the jacket was missing an arm and there was no button on the fly.

Ok, I know it's not going to be finished when I have my first fitting, but the temptation to bellow "I'm not paying for this!" was almost too much to resist. Luckily, my fiancee was accompanying me, and I figured as well as being chased out of the shop with a pair of shears, I'd get a foot ground long and hard into my instep. So I held back.

There is great risk attached to making the suit you wear for your wedding the subject of comedy.

Anyway, the suit itself looks very, very nice. I'm a little nervous as to whether the baggage chuckers at JFK will be able to lose it, or if my suit would survive being brought in my hand luggage.

Since the Brothers Yuen had nothing else rude to say about my body ("you've got a lot fatter since we measured you" perhaps) we sauntered down to VeggieSF on Stanley Street, where I ate some faux-chicken nuggets. I really am fully integrated into Hong Kong life now.

We would have gone to see Transformers 3, but we've resolved to watch the latest blaring idiocy of Michael Bay in iMax (IMAX? Imax?) and I'm scared of the cinema in the International Finance Center, because that's the place that did my back in.

Life is hard some times...


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