Sunday, July 03, 2011


Today I went out on a junk, for the second time this year. I was surprised: I really don't like junks, because they involve being trapped in a pub-sized space for an entire day, with no means of escape from the other inmates apart from swimming for shore, and then trudging home from some godforsaken beach in the New Territories.

However, this time I wasn't surrounded by a random assortment of alcoholics, so it was actually a pleasant day out, and as we left the pier at 10 in the morning and were back by five, it didn't feel like we'd committed to floating up the river to see Kurtz and spending an eternity afloat. We got to eat a sensible amount of food, a semi-sensible amount of grog, and I managed to read a few of Fleming's short stories while everyone else splashed around in the sea. A pretty perfect day out, really.

This evening, we went over to a barbecue in Pok Fu Lam. I left my prized Kaenon sunglasses in the back of the taxi (worse than losing my hat last year), I broke the screen on my Blackberry, and I got indigestion from eating too much rich food. Otherwise, a very pleasant evening - standing on the top of a building and watching the sun set over Disney. The only let down was that Mr Disney failed to let off the fireworks as promised at 9pm. Why was this? Was he saving himself for July 4th to celebrate Independence Day? Or was this the secret anniversary of Walt being placed into a cryogenic facility, and therefore no fireworks were allowed for sensitive emotional reasons?

It's all very difficult to understand. And I'm now sunburnt and flatulent, which I expect is more than anyone wanted to know - not the best way to work up to my thousandth post.


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