Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre marriage panic

After going out for dinner last night, I conked out completely and woke up this morning, to blazing sunshine.

Hang on, no, it was still Halifax and it was tipping it down with rain. If rainy weddings are lucky ones, then we're going to be pretty much suffused with luck. It's been a fairly calm day so far: I've had two breakfasts, and gone for a drive in my ridiculous hire car, and the rain has continued to bucket down, but as my friends from the UK have pointed out, if there is a flood in Halifax, a boat is the best place to be. So, apres le deluge, c'est moi. Or, c'est marriage, rather.

Not much left to do for the next two hours. We're going to pop down to the bar for a quick drink, then it's off to the boat to get married - see you on the other side.


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