Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Singapore with Cathay

I flew to Singapore with Cathay Pacific this evening, in the hope that a proper airline wouldn't have a plane that took off late and stank of piss.

(Last year this expectation would certainly have been confounded, when Cathay were alleged to have skimped on some of the septic tank servicing and had to divert planes due to toilet failure. But never mind.)

Because I flew twice to Canada last year, I'm now a Silver Frequent Flyer, which means I get lounge access. (Woohoo!) However, it's not so great: the lounge was full of people, so it wasn't an amazing upgrade on the (admittedly wonderful) airport concourse. It did mean free food/ginger ale/beer/newspapers though, but soon I found myself restless, wanting to mix with the public again, so I went to the gate.

Where the plane was delayed by an hour.

It didn't stink, but unluckily enough seat 30D, the one I chose, had the inflight entertainment system under the seat in front (so no room to stretch your legs). And ironically, the inflight entertainment system was knackered: the sound was that of a crumpled crisp packet being rubbed against your ears. Oh well.

At least I had a delicious meal. Well, I had a meal I didn't have to pay for, and a stupendous luggage allowance, and ... And that was about it. The flight was a bit rough (just like last week, but without excuses about air traffic control) but we got into Singapore fairly smoothly, and after a half hour wait for a taxi (the Formula One race has stuffed the taxis up, although I thought they used racing cars, not clapped out Protons).

My driver gave me the Arsenal football score, handy advice about the street of gay bars down from my hotel ("is dis-gusting!") and then drove off sharpish, leaving me to get checked in by the probably very bored night porter, and then straight to bed. I think it's a slightly nicer room than last week, but I'll be able to say better in the morning.


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