Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crisis Postponed

Today I went to the dentist to see what would be done to me. Medical technology has come on leaps and bounds, although you still have to wait in the reception area for fifteen minutes after your appointment is due. I guess dentists like making you wait.

The dentist took an x-ray with a digital camera - a short buzz, the flicker of a red warning light, and an image of my tooth arrived on the computer screen. I'm always astounded when x-rays don't involve large sheets of film that have to be developed. I wonder how many years it will be before people don't remember x-ray photographs requiring a developing process.

We talked for a while about my impending marathon, and the dentist decided that as the tooth is currently behaving itself, there's no point performing a root canal this instant, as that will be an hour and change of scraping around in my mouth, and if anything did turn bad, I'd be in Osaka weeping and clutching my jaw. There's still an 80% chance that I will need a root canal, but not for another ten days.

This was good, because I had comedy this evening (headlining for the first time in I-don't-know-when and I don't think I'd have been amusing with a numbed face) but it is sort of a disaster delayed. Hope against hope I don't need a root canal (which I know think sounds scarier than it is) but it's most likely that I'll be having that tooth treated that way soon.

For dinner, we had tapas. I love tapas, it's the Spanish equivalent of ... tapas.

Then to comedy, where I had a nice set. I played around with the order, starting with my reliable closing material on televisions and food, then battering through my usual I-love-Hong Kong material and finishing with a bit of crowdwork. It felt shorter than I expected it to, but the new juxtapositions seemed to work and the crowd were happy and willing to laugh. Then I fled home, desperate for sleep (and to have the cat try to bite off my feet).


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