Monday, October 03, 2011

Work's a bugger

I went to the offices of my accountant today, which should make me feel wise and mature, but just made me feel somebody was being billed excessively to pay for such nice offices.

At reception I had to sign in, and as I glanced at the names already written on the sheet, I noticed that while the name of the person immediately above me was completely illegible, their employer was not. Clear and definite capitals spelt out SODOMY.

Now, there have been some strange names for companies in Hong Kong in the past, but they all seem be variations on Colossal Golden Really Good Investment Flower Limited. I've never seen a company registration for Bumsex Incorporated.  Frankly, it seems a strange choice in the same city that has an enormous concrete Noah's Ark for educating children about religion.

Unless maybe the ark is there as a bulwark against Sodomy Limited, or perhaps the ark has been so successful that Sodomy Incorporated had to be founded to counteract the ark's influence.

Whatever the basis of their business model, I'm kind of curious about whether there's a large tax liability for them that they need advice about. Any accountant worth their (pillar of) salt should be able to tell them whether it's worth looking back at past experience or just moving on. Would they have a Lot to talk about?

Biblical references aside, I'm curious to know what other things have been written down on that sign-in sheet. Maybe the man from the Kindly Teabag Company wasn't there to ask about the correct treatment of investments in loose leaf tea after all. And as for Wan Kee Sports, well, I didn't ever realise that required a shop full of equipment...


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