Monday, November 28, 2011

Advertising on the MTR - slight return

It's been a while since I've seen really idiotic advertising in the MTR. Or perhaps I'm inured to it, having walked past countless pictures of pseudo-models advertising breast enlargement cream / slimming pills / scowling lessons in these past few years.

But today as I strolled through the concourse, an ad for Hitachi air conditioners caught my eye.

Look at it: there's a woman, on a fur rug, next to a roaring fire, looking happily at her air conditioner. Why?

Is she proud that in a subtropical climate like Hong Kong, she has an air con unit so powerful that when it runs, an open fire is necessary to prevent hypothermia?

Does she hate the environment and want to burn up as much coal at the fire station, and wood on the fire, as she possibly can?

Did she light the fire, then realise she was getting uncomfortably warm, and then turn on the air con to compensate?

Am I a nitwit who can't read the Chinese for "combined air con & heater" and am therefore being rude about a poor defenceless advertising hoarding that never chose to be there anyway?

It's difficult answering these questions in Hong Kong. Maybe it will be simpler in Singapore. What, after all, is the chance that two small nation states could both have idiotic advertising?


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