Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow again

After yesterday's frankly lacklustre effort, the Northwest made up for things with a big dump of the white stuff all over Seattle. I looked out the window and it was like Christmas morning all over again.
What am I saying?  Christmas morning had no snow, I was in Indonesia on a (possibly) mosquito laden beach. Or being driven at breakneck speed down narrow roads in a Toyota minivan.

Thus today, driving very slowly through snowfilled streets, then sitting in a temperature-controlled office fifteen stories above the ground was hardly like Christmas at all.  I had some meetings, used Google Hangouts for the first time (and found it useful, wonder of wonders), drank too much coffee, held a drywipe marker next to my face and developed a mindbending headache.  So all in all, very productive.

The day went on too long though; having got out of bed for a 6am call at 5.30, and having stayed up late last night on a similar call (supporting multiple time zones is a horror, especially when you got up the previous day at 5.30 as well when you couldn't remember which day was which) by about 4pm I was really struggling to cope with the world, and the meetings never ended.  Having got rid of all my North American appointments, at 6pm the Asian ones started up - three hour-long meetings, with an hour's interval between each one.  This is ok if you start at nine in the morning and trundle on until 2pm and then stop for lunch; less good if you're trying to go foraging for food in the snowy tracts of Bellevue, and really, really need some sleep.

I less-than-gracefully bowed out of a couple of meetings - the fact that I could neither talk nor think meant I wasn't going to contribute to anything - had a little bit of food, and then came back to the computer to catch up on the emails that have multiplied in my absence.  Now, only one more meeting stands between me and sweet, sweet oblivion for the night.  I suppose at least when I fly home and have massive jet lag, it won't feel much different to how I am right now.


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