Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Struggling under a great weight

While we were in Oxford, we bought more books. That was probably a bad idea, as we haven't finished the books we started 2012 with, and we were given books as wedding presents, and we now have a knee-high pile of weight-limit defying paper to transport back to Hong Kong.


To cheer myself up I decided to check how many reviews I'd written on Tripadvisor, and to my consternation I was still 28 behind my ever-prolific bete noire. He or she has stooped to the undignified low of reviewing branches of McDonald's, and I'm not so desperate. Yet. Still, I hammered out 20 more while my wife slumbered beside me, as I came up with the perverse desire that the M25 could be classified as a tourist attraction so I could review it.

Does that make me a bad person? Probably. Still, one of the many fine things about reading the biography of Willie Donaldson, You Cannot Live As I Have And Not End Up Like This is that it reassures you that you could still be a worse person if you tried.

And so to Leeds Castle...


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