Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 progress report - February

So here it is Christmas February the 29th, and what have you done?  Another month over, and tum te tum te tum...

It's strange being in Singapore; somebody struck up a conversation with me today while I was urinating, and I'm not used to being approached mid-stream, as it were.  What do you say?  "Hmm, enjoying your micturation?  Fairly satisfied with your kidneys' abilities to filter out toxins from your body?" I ended up pointing out my worry that we were already two months through the year, which led to him suggesting that resolutions are pointless, and that when it comes to NYE 2012, I should expect to recall this conversation.  Which is nice...

So off we go: Measure and modify. I was rather slack at tracking progress over the last month, which we can blame partly on my punishing travel schedule, but also because I didn't really pay much attention to tracking.  So that needs to be improved.  From now on, every Sunday night I'm going to look at this, and say: "humm, what needs more attention next week?"

Comedy: still slacking off.  A bit of writing here and there, but no rehearsal. I meant to go to the club last night, but I had a terrible migraine (aura and everything) and stayed in bed instead. However, I did go near the comedy club, although that was mainly to witness my wife becoming trapped in some automatic doors.

Keep writing. In the last month my Tripadvisor pace slacked off slightly; I finish February with 194 Tripadvisor reviews published.  It's a strange irony that by moving country, I have lowered my output, but this is partly because I keep going to places Tripadvisor hasn't listed yet.  Hopefully as it catches up with me, my review count will spike upwards.  Unfortunately, I'm now falling further behind my rival, the most lugubrious reviewer of last year:

Not being assiduous/anal-retentive enough to track this every day, you'll see I had to interpolate a lot of the time.  You'll also notice that I had an early moment of hubris at the end of January when I thought I'd steamed ahead, only to be caught out by a burst of reviews a few weeks later, and then again catching up by mid February, only to fall back again a little later on.

This week I'd really like to make a few revisions to the Great Hong Kong Novel, instead of just adding more and more reviews to Tripadvisor.  But we shall see.  You can check my progress here, or alternately here, on one of my secondary blogs, uncensored by people complaining about reviews of The Flying Pan in Wan Chai...

Finish things. OK. I'm frustrated now that the Rabbit isn't done.  For March, one clear goal is to download some video software, sync up the soundtrack, and put it out there.  As for all the reading I should be catching up on, well, we have the list, and in less than a week we'll have all the books unpacked from a crate and good to go.

Keep fit. I've run every day since I've been in Singapore so far.  Yesterday may have killed me (perhaps going hard in the scorching sun without adequate preparation wasn't such a smart idea, but I've never allowed that to stop me before) but if I make it to the treadmill tonight, that will be a nice bit of consistency.  The plan for the next two and a half weeks is to carry on plodding at a relaxed pace, and then start to lever up the intensity.  See here for details.

Keep in contact. Caught up with one old friend from Hong Kong in Singapore so far. Need to reach out a bit harder in March - there are a lot of people to see here - as well as the Mother Country.

Learn to dance, learn a foreign language, count my blessings. Still nothing on these.  Well, I'm trying to do the last one from time to time, but even that needs work.

And on we go...


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