Friday, February 17, 2012


"Yeah, I'm vegetarian... Well, I don't eat red meat... well, I eat a lot of veal, it's the same thing, it's really an ethical choice..."

I wouldn't say I'm the kind of person who listens to music. Yeah, I suppose I might listen to a piano from time to time. I play the banjo at weekends. I've got four hundred cds of accordion music. But no, I don't like guitar-based music as exemplified by Motley Crue during the mid-80s so much. So yes, I'd describe myself as a "don't-listen-to-music-atarian".

I wouldn't say I read books. Well, I'll read biography, if it sounds like chicken. And I'll read fiction, if it's cruelty free. And I quite like history, but only if it's free range, not anything where the people lived close together. So I suppose you'd say I'm functionally illiterate, right?


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