Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweaty in Singapore

This morning I woke up before 6, and because I couldn't get back to sleep and couldn't think of anything better to do, I went out for a run. I've run every day that I've been in Singapore except for last Saturday, when I was hungover, and the routes are beginning to merge together.

Either I'm running at night past the Esplanade Theatres, and a gaggle of youngsters are playing efficient yet generic rock, or I'm running past Marina Bay Sands before the sun has come up, or I'm trundling along the riverside by Clarke Quay, unsure if I'm too early or too late, or I'm going past the Museum of Asian Civilisation, and slowly every early morning and every late night are becoming indistinguishable.

I'm still pink and raw from Sunday's burn, and incapable of divesting myself of my running tops without assistance. Yesterday I was too burnt to even put my heart rate monitor strap on, so I suppose I am recovering, but slower than I expected. No more going out in the sun for me.

After today's run, and today's day at the office, I pulled myself together and went over to the National University for a couple of hours of martial arts practice. Outdoors. I sweat so much today that not only is my gi soaked through, but so is my belt. I was considering wringing out my clothes and using the results to irrigate a farm somewhere, but then we got home and it began to rain in full Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and I got in a sulk because I feel Singapore should be sunny all the time, including 11:30 at night.

Still, if it was sunny, my sunburn would only get worse. It's a hard one to figure out, this.


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