Thursday, March 15, 2012

(Un)Original Sin

This evening we went back to Original Sin, for a friend's birthday. The last time I went to this restaurant, I got so blotto that I couldn't remember a single thing from the menu. I had only feelings of vague misgivings about the meze (unfounded) and the cheesecake (quite correct, unfortunately - it advertised itself as being chocolatey and was just a bit insipid).

Apart from that, and the staff being a little vague (half an hour to bring out some brandy is frankly ridiculous) it was a good night. I got to discuss what things you might steal from your workplace if you were a gravedigger, and also have a 21 year old lecture us on Facebook and what it does to youth. Youths. (Sorry, too much gin is not going to lead to coherence tonight.)

I also found out that Brunei is not a very exciting place to visit, lacking anything more exciting than a stockade full of very large tanks containing crude oil. This is semi-valuable information, as I couldn't go even if I wanted to, because through some massive miscalculation (usually referred to as a "cock-up" in modern parlance) I've got almost no holiday to take this year. Well, I've got 9 days to use before December 31, and only two weddings on different continents to attend.

I'm kicking myself: I'm utterly confused as to how that happened. It can only be because I got so used to never using all my holiday up that I got complacent. Well, I got married, and either of these will burn through your days off rather quickly. To think I was moaning not so long ago about having been travelling too much, and wishing I was able to stay in one place a bit more. It looks like I've been granted my wish.

Between that, getting turned down for a credit card, and receiving our first electricity bill, it feels like I haven't received any glad tidings today. I did get a free dinner though, so it's not like I can really complain.


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