Friday, April 13, 2012

Drunk again

Today I was so utterly stressed and enraged that I had to spend five minutes with my head in my hands, lest I picked up my laptop and hoied it out the window. Thus it seemed a good idea to go out and have dinner, rather than rage around the office all evening.

Unfortunately, I got lost on the way to the Wok&Barrel and spent fifteen minutes walking in circle, almost spitting feathers, until almost at random I arrived at the restaurant. Where a bottle of Hitachino Nest was waiting for me. And a bottle of Hawthorn Witbeer. And then a bottle of Moa Breakfast Beer.

This last one was perhaps the most dangerous, as befits a beer named after an enormous flightless New Zealand bird. It comes in a champagne shaped bottle, and instead of tasting like beer it tastes like muesli and fresh berries. Muesli and fresh berries that will get you shitfaced.

It's not often that you have 5.5% breakfast. Well, it's not very often that I have 5.5% breakfast. Maybe everyone reading spends their days in an alcoholic haze, a petit dejeuner of small beer and then a stout lunch of ... stout?
The owner of the restaurant was very friendly, although clearly a bad influence, because she kept suggesting more and stronger beers for me to drink. I managd to distract her by asking for a pint of mild (apparently non existent outside a 100 mile radius of Birmingham) and then we fled.

At home, watching my second Harry Potter, and enjoying it more than the first. However, to keep this up I'll have to up the booze to six pints for the third episode. That's extrapolation for you.


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