Monday, April 02, 2012

It's an ill wind...

Two days ago, we were woken up by a huge thunderstorm. At four in the morning our bedroom turned bright white, like the onset of an alien invasion that could only be beaten back by an Scientologist ex-rapper and some cheesy speeches. The thunder crashed, and I wondered if we should regret taking a top floor apartment in the windy part of town.

This morning we had a repeat. This time the budget for lightning wasn't so huge, but they'd scrimped and saved and the FX department had rustled up a huge gale. I ran around shutting windows as the wind blew and blew, and then spent several minutes looking at the window, sort of hoping that some of our neighbours' laundry would be blown off the poles it was strung to.

Alas, or perhaps fortunately, there were no underpant mishaps and my wife soon cajoled me into returning to bed, where I slumbered until 6 am, when I woke up to find the rain still falling and the wind still blowing. So instead of going out for my morning run, I went back to sleep.

An hour later I woke up.

An hour after that I woke up again, and rushed to the office in a panic, but that did mean I got a good eight hours of sleep. The problem with all this early morning running I've been doing is that I've not gone to bed any earlier, and I don't get an afternoon nap, so all in all my sleep every week bunches up on Saturday mornings (unless there's a thunderstorm) and I get progressively more knackered.

This evening I went for a run, the fastest for the year, and probably for most of 2011 as well. My heart rate was a bit too high, but I didn't feel like I was going too hard at it. We'll have to see how I feel tomorrow morning though. Perhaps it was good to have the wind and rain today. Or was it yesterday's massage? Or perhaps the salad I had for lunch? Without enough mes for a statistically trustworthy multivariate, double-blind test, we may never know.


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