Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Last night I was drinking in Arab Street so I failed to wake up in time to go for a run. It was a lovely sunny day, which was terrible news; if it had been damp and overcast, maybe I could have got out, but blazing sunshine and me sprinting along would be a recipe for lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth.

The trouble was, without going for a run I was going to be sluggish all day. Yesterday I deleted 500 emails from my gmail inbox, which made it much tidier, but left me feeling strangely bereft, as though all the emails that had been piled up in there were evidence that I had friends. With no more emails to delete, all I could think to do was waste time on the xbox for three hours.

In the afternoon, we walked to China Square, a small shopping mall that has a flea market upstairs selling mostly junk (a collection of dusty bottles of old booze, some typewriters, and some old toys). On the ground floor there are lots of toy shops, mostly selling figurines of characters from Japanese anime, most of which are women with unfeasibly sized breasts, or unfeasibly sized guns, or unfeasibly sized breasts that are also guns. I didn't buy any. Well, my wife was with me: I'll be back to buy a 1/8th scale model of Kiruko Kalashnikov-Tits in the week.

It's upsetting to visit toyshops specialising in collectible versions of toys you had twenty five years ago. Partly it's depressing to see the toys you obsessed about were, in the cold light of day, a bit shit. And partly it's depressing to see that if you hadn't hit Ratchet with a tennis racket and splattered him across next-door's back garden, you could have made 60 Singaporean dollars. Oh well, next time.

So we achieved precious little this afternoon, apart from wandering between various cafes and shops on Club Street. This evening I ate too much pizza and then went to see the rather gory The Cabin In The Woods, which made me flinch a lot, but where the final Big Twist didn't feel quite big enough. It had Sigourney Weaver in it. Was she the Big Twist? My wife went to see Battleship instead, because she dislikes horror and, I suppose, likes films based on boardgames.

Next time, we'll both go to see Uwe Boll's Scrabble adaptation.


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