Friday, May 18, 2012


Tonight I went for a quiet drink at 28, the bar over the road from our office.

That would have been fine, but three cocktails, a glass of stout and some apple fritters later, I staggered out and caught a taxi over to River Valley for dinner and some more drinks that I could ill-afford, either physically or financially.

The problem with drinking earlier is that inebriation arrives earlier; we were wrecked by 8pm, whereas every good Englishman knows he needs to be pie-eyed about 10:30, to avoid risking any shenanigans/shitfacedery. On a school night, anyway.

This wasn't a school night. But I was coming off the back of several days of hard work and frustration, so perhaps it was acceptable to get tanked up. While we were out we met a random lady, flown in from Jakarta for the weekend, teaching in Indonesia. She taught us about drinking, and about the hidden club beneath Avalon in the Marina Bay. In return, we bought too many shots and then fled early. Well, midnight. Is that early? Are we lightweights? What is going on?


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