Wednesday, May 09, 2012

It's getting a bit wierd

I got home tonight to the din of a lion dance crew banging pots and pans and yelling, but as this is fairly normal for a Wednesday night in Chinatown, I thought no more of it. Until a particularly loud bang got my attention and I looked out the window, to see a horse outside the temple.

We raced downstairs but by the time we got to the temple of Buddha's Tooth*, the horse was nowhere to be seen. There was just the usual ragged band of old age pensioners looking for something to look at, and a lion dance team that were standing around in that default shamefaced way that a lion dance team at rest will always do. We'd seen a horse. We were certain we'd seen a horse. We had a camera and everything.

Actually, there were lots of cameras. Not just the usual tourist palaver, but some serious professional TV cameras on trolleys, and a French woman with a walkie-talkie asking civilians not to use their flashes, and then all of a sudden the horse was brought back out, a beautiful black stallion, ridden by a French fop with long hair.

The lion dance band started banging things again, and then a dragon dance team rushed out and waved their dragon around for a bit. Then the man on the horse trotted towards them and made various insulting gestures. In all my life I never thought I'd witness a Frenchman on a horse teasing a dragon. Singapore continues to surprise.

The horse circled the dragon, danced back and forth, and then flounced off. We were given flyers to explain that this was part of the 2012 Art Festival, and was entitled Theatre Du Centaure, which just goes to show how dishonest French people are. Any fool will tell you that a centaur is half man, half horse, not all-horse, all man sat on top of horse. I would have shouted "liar!" at the equine Gaul, but he was armed with a horse, a deadly weapon considering my allergies, so I went back to the flat.

If tonight was anything to go by, tomorrow it will be two Germans and a 'basilisk' (a tortoise on stilts, eating a sausage).

* Who knew that Buddha only had one tooth? Ah well.


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