Friday, June 01, 2012

Drinking to forget ... Or something

I made the mistake of going for a drink after work. Well, two drinks; but enough that I was seeing double after a Deviation and a Corpse Reviver. We walked home after that and by eight I was ensconced on the sofa.

That wouldn't have been so bad, but all that top quality alcohol hit me like a gold brick wrapped in a slice of lemon, and rendered me incapable, yet sober enough to realise this. If I'd kept drinking then I'd have rolled home hours later and passed out, but instead I was in the less satisfactory plastered-but-not-quite-right mode: a tragic let down.

It was so tragic that instead of going straight to sleep, I watched the first Austin Powers film instead. It hasn't dated well - I found myself screaming at the screen when I saw how big Liz Hurley's hand was. Just one of her hands, that is. It was an armfull. We thought this was funny in the 1990s?

Clearly I wasn't drunk enough for nostalgia.

Perhaps I was overwrought. This morning I'd been to Google's Singapore office, in the Citibank tower near the Marina. This was nice, as Google offices usually are, but the security on the ground floor scan your ID, then send you to a automatic barrier that's meant to scan your ID again, but never does it right the first time, so then a man has to be wheeled out from a cupboard somewhere to show you the right way to do it, and then that same ID is meant to control the lift (which has no floor buttons) but again, the man is required to work the swipe for you ... It just seems like a very labour intensive labour saving device. That's the building's management's fault, rather than Google's, but I'm still bitter. Why? Well, Google have a touch-screen system for you to sign yourself in when you visit, and my fingers aren't compatible. It's a sad day in your life when you need to get somebody else to poke buttons on a screen on your behalf. I wept salty tears all afternoon. And hence the booze this evening, getting us back to where this started...


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