Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fight Comic

This evening I had my first go at Fight Comic; my ears are bleeding from the ever-so-powerful PA system (hey, if it's too loud, you're too old) and I'm exhausted, but it was a fun night.

I almost never made it; I got lost on the way there. First I took a train in the wrong direction, then when I eventually got to Bugis, my "unerring sense of direction" sent me in a huge loop as far as possible from the venue before I got back to it. Still, I turned up before any of the others and then sat there for 45 minutes, drinking too much (water) and trying to remember the rules.

The first few things I was deplorable at, but gradually I got into the rhythm of it, and there was a lot more energy with all six comedians onstage at once. I still think they need to filter the audience suggestions better, and the "you have to be heckled" round was a bit tough (particularly when the crowd doesn't want, or know, how to heckle...). But rough edges make you sharp.

To get some laughs (with my filthiest material) after a stressful day at the office was a good thing - but with a huge hard run tomorrow, now I need some sleep. Nighty night, Singapore.


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