Friday, September 21, 2012

Heating up

It's getting hotter and hotter. I thought we were just failing to reacclimatise after returning from Canada, but apparently this is the time of year that it gets really hot. I was shocked. I thought it was always hot in Singapore, but if it actually gets hotter in the next few weeks, then it will almost be as if Singapore has seasons.

It rained this afternoon, which didn't cool the air down at all. Being filled with schadenfreude, I had hoped for rain on Sunday night, Formula 1 cars spinning out of control across the track, but it was not to be. Well, maybe it will rain in two days' time, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Singaporean government has banned rain for the weekend of the race. We will have to see.

Because of the race, there's fencing all around the bay, and that meant I was running in small circles, trying to find a way through to my normal route and failing, being stared at by a bored man in a hi-visibility tabard. What kind of start to the day is that? Sweating in skimpy clothes, failing to entertain somebody working for a minimum wage? It's like working in a [insert your favourite stereotype here].

It's mooncake season, so I took a box of mooncakes home from the office for my wife. She loves mooncakes, but I despise them, their density, their construction from egg yolk and random ingredients. I was thus in a great rage to be carrying this enormous box of heavyweight foodstuff around Singapore. After I'd dropped them off at the flat, I went off to the last comedy night at Teyvika, a tea boutique in Telok Ayer Street.

A cafe that only serves tea is a strange venue for comedy. I haven't spent much time rehearsing this week so my set was a bit slack; I had some good laughs half way through but it wasn't as strong as I was hoping for. Perhaps I can blame some of that on being exhausted from the heat; unfortunately, I'm also going to be exhausted when I get to the comedy competition next week. Must sleep ... Can't sleep...


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