Friday, September 14, 2012


I went to the office at 8:30 this morning, and as everyone else was in Kuala Lumpur, had a day sat alone in a massive room, occasionally swearing at the haunted air conditioning units that revved themselves up whenever they felt like it. I got a lot done: not as much as I'd hoped for, and I still have 300+ emails festering in my inbox, but at least I've made inroads on the work that was waiting for me.

It's difficult to work when there's no-one around. I don't feel like I'm in a team most of the time when the office is empty - I have to rely on a database and an internet connection, rather than people around me - but when you're sat on your own for hours on end, it becomes difficult to remember what you're there for. Emails requesting things transmogrify into insults and vile drains on your time, while you gradually slouch towards a fetal position on your not-very-ergonomic chair. After a time, even the quiet becomes distracting.

About four, I went for a walk around the outside of the building, but my concentration was already in tatters. As I walked home, I consoled myself that I wasn't in a rage and attempting to assault passers-by, but that's probably because my brain had liquified as the day went on. Not having enough stimulation can be quite exhausting.


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