Friday, October 05, 2012

Back in my life

My wife reappeared in my life this afternoon, having got on a plane in Singapore this morning and then waited for four hours as Jetstar flew her through the air. Which was handy. It's certainly a lot quicker to fly between Singapore and Hong Kong than it is to walk.

This is a good thing, because I have more people to talk to than just the cat, who was bored sick (literally) of me rehearsing. On the other hand it's a bad thing, because instead of my ascetic comedian lifestyle, eating houmous and shouting inanities at the bare walls of the flat, I have to go outside and be social.

That costs money, and it costs time, precious time when I could be checking whether it's more amusing to say 'Wan Chai' or '2 a.m.' first, clearly deeds which are much more meaningful, no, profound, than interacting with my friends.

No, that can't be right, can it?

I spent some of today trying to figure out the best music to come on stage to during the competition. The hackneyed choice of Also Sprach Zarathrustra is the obvious one, but unless you have the audience's patience and several minutes, that's not going to work, and I don't think anyone has seen Rhubarb & Custard and is equipped to understand the joke.

Tangentially, could I get an American sitcom commissioned called Also Zach Spraathrustra, in which a Nietszche-obsessed US teenager has zany scrapes and life-affirming adventures with his Chinese-American friend, Will To Power?

No, that certainly can't be right, can it?

Nothing much of much note happened to me today. I ran five and a half miles quite quickly around Happy Valley, but not as fast as I was intending to. It was an overcast day, the sky heavy and the air feeling thick with humidity and pollution. My next long run isn't until Sunday, when I am meant to run 18 miles (the longest run of the year so far) - not exactly looking forward to it, but it will give me something to do in Singapore until my wife reappears.


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