Monday, November 19, 2012

A good day

It's important to cultivate a positive mindset. I've read that you should greet your spouse/your significant other/your cat/your favourite houseplant and tell it something good that happened to you today, before you start in on what you're angry or miserable about.

Today I got some birthday presents from England (I love mysterious parcels), I found a salad that contains quinoa (that hard to pronounce grain) and I got a hepatitis C shot to ensure I'm immune to nasty liver infections. Oh, and I spent three hours running people over in Hong Kong, but I suppose that's not so positive, even if it was only a computer game.

My wife and I tried to play Dance Central 3 on the Xbox this evening. I've never been blessed with rhythm, so my wife was fairly contemptuous of my dancing skills, but since dancing for a computer requires just soulless repetition, within a few songs I was beating her, as her experience of dancing properly began to count against her. That, and I'm big enough to shove her out of the range of the Kinect sensor if her score got too high.

After half an hour I was soaking wet. Partly because it's too dangerous to run the ceiling fan when we're "dancing", but mostly because it's strenuous exercise, waving your arms like a berserk fool. I suppose it must be good exercise although with less than a week to the marathon, perhaps I should be resting more and dancing less.

No more beating up virtual Hong Kongers for the rest of the week then, that's my resolution. I managed to batter four Mormon missionaries with a steel briefcase in North Point; that really was a low point. I must try to be a better person.

Tomorrow, I'm going to wear my compression tights to work. I wonder if I'll be proud of that when I tell my wife about it in the evening.


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