Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adverse Weather

All week Bellevue has been shrouded in fog. Not the death-dealing stuff that's festering in Beijing currently, just cold wet air that saps the warmth out of you if you're dumb enough to walk the mile and a half from the hotel to the office. As the days have passed, the runs I've taken from the hotel have got shorter and shorter, until I fled for ten minutes this morning, before returning shamefacedly to the lobby.

Meanwhile, it's been snowing in London, which means all the flights to London from Seattle have been cancelled. This feels more ludicrous than last year, when Seattle was snowed on and broke down completely. That at least felt like a once-in-a-century surprise. Snow in London in January is like an annual massive cock-up for all transportation. My London colleagues managed to find an alternate route home (drive for 3 hours to Vancouver and pick up a flight there) but one begins to wonder exactly when Heathrow will buy some more de-icers.

Not travelling back til Sunday, and travelling back to Singapore, has its advantages. I'm staying in Issaquah this weekend (although we dined in Green Lake tonight, not far from where I was last weekend). The roads were foggy, to the point that all other motorists became invisible, and I spent my journey time with eyes shut, praying we avoided collisions. Green Lake is full of vegan restaurants run by friendly and polite people (yesterday's Rudest Man In Bellevue would not have fitted in) and we had a terrific meal, but one culminating in chocolate cake so rich that reality was beginning to warp.

We got back, watched America's Goriest Crimes, I called my wife, then prepared for bed. There's a race tomorrow, if there's a gap in the fog.


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