Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fight Comic 2013

Another week, another Fight Comic. This was good, because it means I've been on stage twice already this year, but it was bad because I only found out I was on yesterday and, from all I've done so far this week, I was exhausted and inadequately prepared.

There was a capacity crowd: I've never seen the venue be completely full before at Fight Comic, and I had to clamber over people to get on and off the stage. Unfortunately, they weren't the most energetic audience, and the first half seemed to be flat, everything I said being met with confusion, horror or silence. I was certain I'd be the first person off.

But that was not to be. Somehow I got through into the final 4 (not so hard when there's only 5 comedians) and I felt my performance in the second half was credible. Not terrific, but I didn't feel I was completely wasting my time on the stage. It was nice to watch the others working in some callbacks, although I had to resist the urge to heckle when they asked whether a squid would win in a fight with an octopus.

(It's unclear: squid are more violent, but an octopus is smarter. Or is it the other way round?)

Leaving at 11:30 (it was a long, long show tonight) the adrenaline faded and once again all I could think of was sleep. I've got a hard day tomorrow (phone calls from 7:30, a big slog at the office and then a run in the evening) but at least tomorrow I can sleep it off. On the plane to Seattle.

I hope compression socks will be my saviour.


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