Sunday, March 24, 2013

Overcaffeinated again

I drank a coffee this morning that was so strong it gave me double vision. Bugeyed and overstimulated on sugar and caffeine, I stumbled away from Fuel. Nearby a woman was yelling into her phone nearby, telling somebody not to accuse her, but just say what she wanted to. That confused me. It sounded like the person on the other end just wanted to accuse her of something. Maybe I should have shared some of my coffee.

I've been embattled with food all day. Lunch was dim sum, where my wife and friends competed to feed me more tofu-based products than a man can possibly consume. In the afternoon we were back in the mall (which mall? You may ask - well, does it matter? they're all the same, after all...), and I found myself in a bookshop which preyed on nostalgia. Not the books, but they'd diversified and were selling junk food from my childhood. Cadbury's Fudge fingers, Nestle's incredible plastic Caramacs, and those monosodium glutamate enhanced slices of cardboard known as bacon-flavour Frazzles.

Reader, I ate them all, and every bite was tinged with regret. There are good reasons why it's been twenty years since I ate a packet of Frazzles.

Frazzled, we went to the airport, and again I bit off more than I could chew, failing to demolish a pizza at Pizza Express. What with this conspicuous consumption, and failing to exercise all week, I'm rather scared of what I'll weigh on my return to Singapore. Perhaps this will drive me to get a decent amount of running in before next Sunday's race. Or perhaps I'm going to discover how much I can slow down.

I've recorded a few bits for my new video. It's odd being your own second unit, collecting footage from far off locations. Hopefully this week I can do the principal photography, and bash something together at the weekend to startle and amaze. Or at least amuse...


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