Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stuck at the office

Today my brain is rather ruined; something broke that needed an awful lot of manual fixing, and that took up five and a half hours of my life that I won't ever get back. At the end of that, I was already pretty broken - it wasn't the sort of time consuming fix where you have to wait five hours for it to complete, it was the sort where every five minutes for five hours you have to press a button and wait for five minutes, which does terrible things to your powers of concentration. What I've learned from that is how important it is to get somebody else to do the grunt work, if humanly possible.  Grunting won't make you better at anything (including grunting) and it appears to have made me worse.  I've now been in the office for twelve hours, and that's not good for my mood or my productivity.
Still, the sun is shining outside.  Well, the sun was shining outside; now it's dark.  I did get outside, but only as far as Starbucks to purchase a sandwich.  Long days are not good for your diet.  I can content myself with the thought that I'm saving money: sitting in the office means there's no need to run the air conditioning or the lights back home, except we never have the air con on anyway, so that's not so much of a benefit.  Drat.  Wasn't I meant to be being optimistic?

I hope there's an end in sight to all of this.  Well, there is at least one: I'm going to be on holiday next week, and whether the broken thing is fixed or not, I won't be able to do a thing about it while I'm halfway up a mountain.  If only it had broken next week, I would have dodged a bullet: I could have done my clever stuff, gone away, missed the saga of things breaking and being fixed, and carried on being clever the next day. Ho hum.


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