Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Race at Penshurst - a sloppy second

Digging session - 23rd Jan '05

More fun with a digger than anyone can possibly imagine. The army of day-release freaks and commando community service diggers drag themselves out of their caves and wander down to Penshurst, where they dig in the mud for hours on end, stopping only to eat badly cooked Pot Noodles. How can anyone cook a Pot Noodle badly?

Porc Race by riders for riders mkII - 6th Feb '05

This time round: proper results (maybe).
Number boards with decent sponsorship (maybe)
More free stickers from Stopadoodledoo.
Some prizes (hopefully). Perhaps if some of you went over to Dialled Bikes and bought some stuff, he'd be amenable to dishing out some more stuff. Isn't it great how sponsorship is an effective means of advertising?

Useful: Dubriders


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