Sunday, March 27, 2005

Aston Hill

Did 8 runs today, despite all that running yesterday (although that didn't make much difference, or at least I felt fine). Got down the Black Run 3 times, once down DH4 and four times down DH3, although it's the push up that was the killer. (Apparently the record is 16 runs in one day - not sure what kind of superfreak managed that).

Feeling faster than I ever have there. All this Welsh stuff and the FOD is clearly paying dividends, plus the running is giving me enough fitness to stay tidy over the whole distance. And I'm finally getting air. Not big stuff, and nowhere near trying to clear the road gaps, etc, but the little diddy table tops at the top of DH3? Getting over them, rather than rolling through them, and that's just the start. Hopefully things should come in in leaps and bounds from here on in.

What have I learned: keep your hands on the bars and off the brake levers. That is all.


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