Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The internet is useful after all

About three years ago, I discovered a book called He Died With A Felafel In His Hand. It's a beautiful eulogy to the joys of communal living / an account of the nightmare of living with Goths / a chaotic attempt to crash a party.
Whatever it is, it's wonderful. I wrote my address in the front cover, then passed it on to a friend. I figured the deal was thus: you'd read it, inscribe your name in it, and then pass it on. Oh, and you'd send a postcard to the last address to have been written into it.
Not sure if my pyramid scheme worked, but it meant that a while later I got a postcard from Thailand from a guy called Gary that I'd never met.
Then today, walking in the park with Rachel, I found out there's a film of it. Unfortunately, a short perusal of the internet shows that it never got released in the UK.
Never mind that. Region 4 discs are easy to purchase from DVDorchard.com.au. If you feel like buying some, please mention james@stopadoodledoo.com when you sign up, and then I'll get 5 AUD to spend on more region 4 goodies.
Will report back in a while when the disc arrives as to whether it matches the majesty of the book or not...


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