Sunday, April 03, 2005

Women and other misadventure

OK, so I'm injured at the moment and thus might be out of commission for a while, but a boy can hope, right?

1. Toby's put forward a candidate for my affections on the basis that:
a) she talks too much and nobody can understand her
b) she's available
Most likely this has such implications that I should become righteously offended, but I'm sure it's in a good spirit. Personally I'm keen to see what happens, even if it does just flame out in spectacular fashion (and let's face it, that's all grist to the mill for when I get Novel 4 underway / when I finish my Sexual Perversion work).
Points against:
c) She leaves the county soon (probably)
d) Asked the Rockstar his opinion and he was negative, on the basis that "she's mad".

2. I try it on with all my remaining female friends from university who aren't married/with child, and see where that gets me.
Potential for destruction of good self - probably quite high

3. I start leveraging intra-company resources more fully. Or rather, I go and try and pull somebody in the call centre.
a) There's lots of young, nubile female things
b) ... but since I'm the Unholy Dark Lord of the Database, and nothing to do with any of them, I have scant opportunity to meet, greet, and ingratiate myself with them.

So, will attempt each of 1, 2 and 3 in sequential fashion (have tried concurrent, and it turned out a bit of a mess, as well as the expected lowered success rate concomitant with dilution of effort, and the potential moral worries (cf Gyge's Ring, which I must witter on about at some point...). Then report back.


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