Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Not doing my bit for gender relations

Well, the Hot To Cock server is down at the moment, but hopefully it'll be up again soon. Will be ringing somebody up to wreak havoc otherwise...

Haven't posted for a bit because I've had nothing interesting to say, but here's something I needed to clear off the hard drive to make space:

An Incomplete List of Wholly Unsuitable Films To Take Prospective Dates On

If you're a gentleman trying to do things to a lady:
Closer - a bit of an obvious one, which will make it clear that you're quite boring. However, if she likes people swearing, you're probably well in there (must point out that I haven't seen this one just yet)
Roger Dodger - it will be clear what your tactics are
In The Company Of Men sorry this is only NTSC - it will be abundantly clear what your tactics and purpose are

If you're a lady trying to do things to a gentleman:

Awaiting advice from a lady on this. Anything gladly received.


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